Special Education Services
Early Intervention for Infants and Toddlers with disabilities
How to get a specific service on the Individual Education Program (IEP)
Assistance at Committee on Special Education meetings or Preschool Special Education meetings.
Appropriate placement
Changing a placement
Transition from Early Intervention services to Pre-school Special Education
Transition from Pre-school to Kindergarten Special Education Options
Transition to middle or high school
Preparing for Post secondary education
Vocational Programs
Full integration into general education with special education services (inclusion)
Team Teaching options (Collaborative Team Teaching -CTT classes)
Behavior interventions

Assistive Technology (computers, adapted equipment, software, augmentative communication etc.)

What is it and how do I get it for my child without cost.
Evaluations - getting a second opinion when you don't agree with your child's school placement or services.
Transportation for students with disabilities to and from school.
Mediation assistance
Impartial Hearings

Post Secondary Education (College) Vocational Rehabilitation Services
Preparing for college applications - SAT's
Accessing services for college bound students with disabilities
Finding the right post secondary college for your child
Accommodations needed for your child to succeed in college
Recruiting personal care staff to assist your child in school
Applying to out-of-state schools and keeping your free services
Financial aid possibilities
Assistive technology (computers, software, etc.)- how to get it for free
Campus housing

Services for children and adults with disabilities
Medicaid - what (apart from healthcare) is available for you
Supplemental Social Income (SSI)
Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Services
Housing accessibility
Therapies - Physical, Occupational and Speech


Advocate for children and adults with disabilities